Emergency Management Team

A dedicated team that strives to provide the campus and local community essential resources to preserve UCR's core mission in academia, and research.

Mission, Vision, and Values




Prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters or emergencies that affect UCR's ability to maintain a safe, secure living, learning, and working environment.   



Fostering collaborative actions and appropriate decisions creates a proactive, all-hazard culture of preparedness for a resilient campus. 



Collaborative - Sustain sincere relationships among individuals and organizations to encourage trust and a team atmosphere that facilitates communication;

ComprehensiveConsider all hazards, phases, stakeholders, and impacts relevant to disasters or human-made events;

Coordinated - Synchronize the activities of all relevant stakeholders to achieve a common purpose;

FlexibleUse creative and innovative approaches in solving disaster challenges;

IntegratedFoster the unity of effort among all levels of the campus and local community partners;  

Risk-DrivenIntroduce sound risk management principles (hazard vulnerability, risk and impact analysis) in assigning priorities and resources;

ProfessionalUtilize a knowledge-based approach with training, ethical practice, public stewardship, and constructive improvement.